Sunex is a Manufacturers and Exporters of Steel Brackets, Metal Brackets, Handrail Brackets, Stainless Steel Brackets, Welded Assembly Parts.

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Sunex is a manufacturer and exporters of Handrail Brackets, Stainless Steel Brackets, Metal Brackets, Brackets Manufacturer, Stainless Steel Brackets, Brackets Exporters, Manufacturer,Germany, UK, Belgium, Poland, South Africa, USA, Austria, Canada, Australia, Spain, Denmark, France, Netherland.


Our company produces a multitude of brackets to be used in computer, industrial, commercial, and consumer goods applications. we are the best shelf bracket manufacturers in India. From MIL Spec metal brackets to network equipment shelf brackets, we can meet your requirements. We are make Sheet Metal Components Parts, Sheet Metal Fabrication.


We employ a Quick Quotes system for standard and custom metal brackets, which we invite you to use. Shortly after receiving your request, we will assist you in uploading your sketch or drawing and we will provide you with a price quote.


Please see below some of the metal brackets, that we can supply from stock or custom made:


Metal Brackets by Form


  • Hat Metal Bracket
  • I Bracket – Stainless Steel I Brackets
  • L Metal Bracket
  • Pan Metal Bracket
  • 3 Sided Pan Metal Bracket
  • Plate Metal Bracket
  • Single Wing U Metal Bracket
  • U Metal Bracket
  • Z Metal Bracket
  • Custom Metal Bracket


Metal Brackets by Application


  • ¬†Connector Mounting Brackets
  • Cable Retaining Brackets
  • Support Brackets
  • Compressor Brackets
  • Tantalum Brackets
  • Rack Mount Brackets
  • Titanium Brackets
  • PC Board Brackets
  • Power Supply Brackets
  • Loop Detector Bracket
  • Terminal Mounting Brackets
  • Data Port Connector Brackets
  • Belt Tensioner Brackets
  • Voting Machine Brackets
  • Switch Brackets
  • Fiber Optic Brackets
  • Rack Brackets
  • Power Strip Brackets